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Submission Guidelines and Gallery Definitions

For a full overview of our guidelines and the definitions of all of our galleries here at the group please visit This Blog. As a brief overview, please be aware that folders are open to members only and you are only permitted to submit two pieces per month.

October Theme: Shadow

You can find the rules and info here!

Last Months 1st Place Winner!

frozen wings by augenweide

Photography Newsletter - October

Sun Oct 4, 2015, 4:00 AM
Did you read about Dismaland? Banksy's take on Disneyland came to the UK over the Summer and had a successful five week run before finishing. But now Banksy is doing something amazing with the remains of Dismaland... Read more here.

Let's talk about Daily Deviations. We not only want your suggestions, we crave them. We want to know what you're enjoying on DA right now, what you want to see up on the DD page. Send us your suggestions! Drop us a few lines explaining why - do it now! And if you don't want to do that then consider getting involved in the Daily Deviation Highlights project! Want to know more - check out My Daily Deviation Highlights.

Finally, for a roundup of the August Daily Deviations awarded by Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden and tiganusi look no further than General Photography DDs - September 2015

Word of the Month


This word was declared word of the year in 2013 by the Oxford Dictionary.
We've all done one. At least. Our cellphones with integrated cameras allow this type of shot so it's almost impossible to avoid them these days! The official definition is...
"A photograph that one has taken of oneself"

But the concept of a Selfie is not a new one since in general throughout the years of Art History, paintings have showcased the self portrait over and over again. So what's the difference now? It's the connection that we share...the internet. Selfies have evolved to be something that is not only taken for yourself, but also shared on social media websites. We can argue about its usefulness, we can enjoy the concept - whatever the case, the 'Selfie' is now firmly anchored into our way of living all over the world. We are the Selfie!

Photographers of the Day

The photographers of the day that have been featured for the past month at CRPhotography are listed below. If you'd like to see yourself featured, or a friend, send us a note!

:iconfoxycherry: :iconpalmbook: :iconblaubeerkuchen: :iconbrettazimmerman: :iconrobertfremer: :iconinsolitus85: :iconjillauville: :iconmilliganvick: :iconsnakeysw: :iconsantibilly: :iconmiragegourmand: :iconbwiti: :iconkelshray-photo: :iconisa-wyrd: :iconinoli:

Contests & Projects

:star: Everything-Nikon has an awesome Foto Challenge 2015 on 'Humanity in a Black & White World'. Get your entries in before the deadline, Monday 30th November!
:star:  SkyAndNatureClub is kicking off their Dawn & Dusk Contest hosted by JenFruzz! Check out the details Here
:star: LightInspired is hosting their Nature Photo Contest 2015 from October 1, 2015 until December 31, 2015. Get the details Here!

:star: Still-Life-Stills have announced another recipe challenge! Check out Recipe challenge October for more info.
:star: :bulletblue: Abstract-and-Surreal have the theme of 'Shadow' this month for their contest. Read more inSEPTEMBER WINNERS AND OCTOBER CONTEST (SHADOW).
:star: :bulletblue: Still-Life-Stills have also launched their general challenge. Check out October still life challenge.
:star: :bulletblue: CRPhotography's theme this month is APN. Read more in October Contest : Animals, Plants and Nature.

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

anticipation by scheinbar

Why not try to make some abstract shots with your iphone? or Cellphone? Nowadays, the technology which camera phones offer is just amazing.
Check this article out for some tips to create some great abstract shots.

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteers JenFruzz

Cloud Window by CapturingTheNight

SkyAndNatureClub wrapped up their Scenery in Black & White contest with great success! Congratulations to Ravensaura, Shadow-Amethyst13, and MK-NI for winning the contest. To see their work, visit the Contest Winners Announcement journal.

Find here the results of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015. Amazing and congratulations to all involved!

From a more international point of view, Wildife Photographer of the Year 2015 finalists have been announced and we are looking forward to see who will win. Amongst the contenders, you will find some familiar names, including DA's MorkelErasmus.

Night owls or early birds will have been able to see a rare nature event take place on September 28, when there wasn't just a total lunar eclipse, but a super AND blood moon as well. How to Photograph a Total Lunar Eclipse talks about the challenges paired with such an occurence.
The Guardian has collected pictures from around the world of the super moon and lunar eclipse combining for a blood moon, for you to enjoy.

erezmarom discusses ways to make an image both visually and conceptually interesting. In his blog he focuses on parallelism in landscape photography.

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

This Mashable blog article will provide very interesting tips about how to create artistic nude shots.

The word of the month is "Selfie". Find here this thoughtful and impressive exploration of nudity by Varian Viciss, who has been taking a nude photo everyday to make a series.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Golden Snake by endegor

The latest edition of Voyage to the Unknown by AlexanderPaupoff focuses on Architectural Details. If you've ever wondered about this gallery then check out the article now for some inspiration and enlightenment. Read more here.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

You'll learn about a famous conceptual photographer in this article about Keith Arnatt, a valuable presentation made by the British Journal of Photography.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Schweppes by Stridsberg

Dave Charnley has talked about his career in Commercial Photography this month and has offered up some fabulous tips for someone looking to get started. Read more here.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Polaroid V by invisigoth88

projecteducate focused an entire week on Darkroom Photography led by tiganusi. Read the concluding journal - with links to all contributions - in Darkroom Week - Dev'd, Fixed, Time to Rinse!.

Film is not dead: check this awesome article about how analog photography is promoted with hopes for the future!


Community Volunteer  Queen-Kitty

.... by SnezhanaMorozova

A complete Guide to the History of Fashion Photography will provide you a wonderful overview through the history of fashion photography and how it became the intriguing way of expression that it is today.

This article from the WP is all about street fashion and the artist Mr Guerre.

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

Daemons by Michellecter

The month for Horror and Macabre photography is upon us! Halloween is just around the corner and brings with it lots of amazing opportunities for spooky photography. Whether you're capturing those costumes, special effects or spooky food, the horror and macabre element of your work could be strong! For some inspiration check out these 35 Breath-taking horror and macabre captures. There is also a useful Horror lighting tutorial from Photoflex - check it out here.


Community Volunteer Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

SUBART-LANDSCHAFT-IR-064 by subart59

We announced in the middle of September the results of CRPhotography's monthly contest  from august. The theme was Infrared. Congrats again to the winners! Check them out here.

Check out this awesome article from PetaPixel which looks at what Infrared Photography does to Freckles... Read more here.


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

SuperAnt by kuritoo

SinistrosePhosphate has taken macro photography to the extreme in a cross section between art and science in To See the World in a Grain of Sand: Microscopy.

If you're new to macro photography or have Always found it a nice change of topic, here's an introduction to the fascinating world of close-up photography.

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Besito by malialeon

Have you heard about the "Dog People" project by Ines Opifanti? A must see!

Pinup and Glamour

Community Volunteers DistortedSmile

Blackheart by DeVera-Grey

DistortedSmile is looking for suggestions and support for another Pinup and Glamour projecteducate week! Check out her poll here and give your feedback. Bring back Pinup and Glamour at PE! Check out the latest edition of Lush! for some awesome Pinup and Glamour inspiration.

This article about Robert Alvarado will bring you into a glamorous inked world: beautiful shots of glamorous AND tatooed models :la:


Community Volunteer tanikel

Magic Lanterns by lemon66

A recent study attempted to get some answers on where news photography, or photo-journalism is headed by interviewing more than 1,500 photographers from 100 different countries. This article has listed 20 key findings from the report.

With so many opinions on the subject, GMBAkash took to the streets of Bangladesh and asked several women: "What does your hijab say about you?" The differences between the individual women and their hijabs are truly riveting, in The pride of hijab.

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Creamy chantarelle pasta with parmesan cheese by CJacobssonFoto

Nom nom is back with some tasty morsels for you to enjoy! Don't forget that you can send your Nommy ideas to Kaz-D for the next feature. Whether it's a food you'd like to see featured or a recipe you want to share! For now though please enjoy Cheesecake...!

dinabelenko has created a useful and easy tutorial on How to make it rain on your still life in the studio. Beware though, things might get messy.


Community Volunteer hosagu

L O V E by DavidGarciaHernandez

It dates of end of July though this awesome article deserves a very particular attention. Written and curated by the fantastic Artist and Deviant MARX77, you'll get visually stunned by the proper definition of what is Street Photo just by looking at each of the gems in this journal.

At CRPhotography, for the month of September, the theme was street photography, and with the wonderful CV Mrs-Durden, find here a very interesting debate, about privacy.

This journal from niklin1, awesome street photographer and active deviant for the Community, will make you smile, often think, and will add some light to your day.

Former CV for street photo on DA, myraincheck, has done with this selection  a very deep incursion into how the eyes, how looking, and so on, can be a wonderful source of inspiration for street photographers.

Batsceba through her series COLOR STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, has now moved to a well-known name in the DA community in her feature of and interview with MARX77. Read it here. Discover the very impressive work achieved in Jim Hofman's China street shots, and how this business man moved to street photography with such passion and travelling. WARNING :) This Amazing preach will definitely amaze you (hosagu actually loves it :stare:).

Finally, this article about Jill Freedman from the CNN's blog will highlight a talented street photographer.


Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Lotus Esprit Turbo SE U9 by Andso

Reid Lincoln Ashton likes transportation and motion. And Harley Davidson. Check out his portfolios, worth the views!

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden & tiganusi

Blessed when you enter...or flee? by lomatic

Are you a photographer that sees the beauty and mystery in abandoned buildings, forgotten places or locations in various states of decay? If you are then this book is reportedly a 'Must Have' for your photographic library!

Have you heard of the Syngenta Photography Award? It's a project that offers photographers an international platform for their work whilst at the same time highlighting global challenges of significance.

Photography Exposed is an article series brought to you by your General Photography CVs. Check out one of the latest ones which focuses on Cityscapes and Skylines!

Educational Articles and Tutorials

We're encouraging you to share your 'hacks' for creating cheaper DIY photography tools or capturing awesome photos with handy hints or tips. Note CRPhotography if you have a 'hack' for next month! There are some other fabulous journals that have recently been posted and focus on educational information...

:bulletred:Stand Out! Conquer your fear
:bulletred:Developing a personal style
:bulletred:Shooting with clarity and purpose
:bulletred:You will change: Magnum photographer Larry Towell has advice for young photojournalists
:bulletred:Should photographers keep locations secret?
:bulletred:Photography in an age of smartphones
:bulletred:Selfies cause more deaths now than shark attacks
:bulletred: The dark side of photography: When getting the "best" shot is just plain wrong

:bulletred:6 ways to get sharp hand-held photos at slow shutter speeds
:bulletred:Do you know the reciprocal rule of shutter speeds?
:bulletred:5 ways to practice your photography at home
:bulletred:Photographing in black and white for a day
:bulletred:Shoot better environmental portraits with these tips
:bulletred:Preparing the night before a photo shoot
:bulletred:A declaration of love to all our crappy shots

:bulletred:7 golden rules of digital asset management
:bulletred:These are the keys to keeping your Lightroom installation in optimum condition
:bulletred:Tips for optimizing Photoshop performance on your computer
:bulletred:Rare look inside the famous Iron Mountain KDKA-TV

:bulletred:6 creative ikea product photography hacks
:bulletred:16 pro photographers share 16 tricks and hacks with cheap accessories
:bulletred:Photography hacks for free
:bulletred:Make Your own reflector DIY tutorial

:bulletred:A brief guide to buying secondhand lenses
:bulletred:Canon's DSLR camera boasts an insane 120-megapixels
:bulletred:How a step ladder is useful for your photography
:bulletred:6 things you didn’t know about autofocus, but probably should

:bulletred:Beginners guide to using TTL off-camera flash
:bulletred:Flash synchronisation demystified
:bulletred:How to create complementary colors in your images
:bulletred:Portrait photography lighting: the 5 classical types

:bulletred:Photoshop in 60 seconds: Save for Web
:bulletred:Photoshop in 60 seconds: Export As
:bulletred:The what, why, and how of using Lightroom export presets
:bulletred:Split toning black and white images in lightroom
:bulletred:How to use Lightroom’s radial filter to enhance your subject

:bulletred:SteadXP - The future of video stabilization
New Equipment and Technology

Hosagu's App of the Month

Untitled by hosagu
Ladies and Gents, forget all your photo apps...YES: I'm in love for Hipstamatic 300!
The release of this update for hipstamatic users, is the most impressive update like: starts from zero and redo the whole app! It's amazing: you'll be able to achieve stunning shots, associating like before the update great films and lens, but now you've got the "pro mode". And this mode will allow to turn the camera of your cellphone to a fully manual camera. I experienced it with the iphone 5S, right? It's amazing how intuitive and easy are the commands: iso range, exposure, triggering speed, white balance, manual focusing... It's like you can freely take a shot forgetting your camera is a phone. And yes it gives results...
So you got it: HIPSTAMATIC 300 is the must have of the year Guys :heart:

Forum Posts

:bulletgreen: What's the actual advantage of traditional (chemical developed) photography?
:bulletgreen: Newbie photographer need advice :)
:bulletgreen: Do you have luck selling photography at markets?
:bulletgreen: What is photography and what does it mean to you?
:bulletgreen: Sports Photography
:bulletgreen: Monitors for photographers - my article
:bulletgreen: Craziest things!
:bulletgreen: Photo Editing?
:bulletgreen: Planning Help

Groups to Check Out!

:iconvenatoreslucis: :icondevpremium: :icondeath-chicks: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconhuman-photography: :iconbokehlicious: :iconsoftness-art: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconlightinspired: :iconbird-photography: :icondialed-in: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconda-film-alliance: :iconfashion-show: :iconfashionelite: :iconstand-out-shots: :iconamazinglybeautiful::iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh::iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconcritique-it: :iconphotography-inc: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics: :iconphotographlove: :icondevnews: :icondeviantkitchen:

Contributors this month: 3wyl Mouselemur Kaz-D hosagu daguerreoty-pe Mrs-Durden JenFruzz silber-englein and tiganusi.

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