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Group Information

Submission Guidelines and Gallery Definitions

For a full overview of our guidelines and the definitions of all of our galleries here at the group please visit This Blog. As a brief overview, please be aware that folders are open to members only and you are only permitted to submit one piece per month.

August Theme: Simplicity

You can find the rules and info here!

Last Months 1st Place Winner!

Mystique by Verismaya

Galleries month

It's vital that you categorise your work on deviantART correctly in order for it to get the proper recognition it deserves and in order for you to know what you're talking about when creating art! Abstract and Surreal Photography here on deviantART can be one of those vague areas that people don't know enough about to venture into. Abstract Photography in particular is wildly misunderstood and under-appreciated at times. Hopefully this article can highlight some of the positive aspects about both Art Genres and help you categorise your work correctly in future....

Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography uses forms, colors and patterns to create a non-figurative image without reference to the actual world. On its own, this description can be incredibly vague, so below are some examples of correctly categorised Abstract Photography. Additionally, you may find that your work overlaps into more than one category. Architecture can often be Abstract and therefore it's best to choose the category you think explains your work in the best way. Check out the Abstract Photography gallery here at projecteducate for some helpful articles.

Tunnel Illusion by DrewHopper
Lost in the Greyness by scheinbar
Geometric Appeal by Einsilbig

Surreal Photography

Surreal Photography often crosses over into elements of Abstract Photography which is why the two are classed together. However, there is a difference: Surreal Photography involves taking actual subjects on an 'other-worldly' level which can involve dreamlike or fantasy scenes. Confused? It can be confusing! There are some examples below to highlight what Surreal Photography is. You can also check out the Surreal Photography gallery here at projecteducate for some helpful articles.

/ by RonnyEngelmann
Deuil by tuminka
Rain Man2 by lomatic

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